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You had me at Fries: A review of Fries & Dolls Food Truck

The Fries & Dolls food truck is arguably the hottest and sexiest of the seven food trucks. The hot pink exterior, the dolled up ladies taking orders and serving fries, the suggestive “cup” sizes…everything screams “Eat me!” (literally and figuratively).

IMG_0093Well, I finally got the chance to check them out today after hanging out with Blam!wich at Casel Marche today. Having spent close to 3 hours inside the Blam!wich food truck, I was surprised by the line-up outside the F&D food truck (keep an eye out for an in-depth look at Blam!wich). The ladies at Blam!wich were knocking out sandwiches every 5-7 min., yet there was a relatively large line-up at the food truck serving fries? What the what…?

Nevertheless, I decided to check it out as it was a gorgeous fall day and I wanted to get a little bit of sun in before the dark days of winter. Unfortunately, it was a very slow moving line as I waited at least 15-20 min. before I was able to place an order. The Dolls were nice enough to pass down a sampler of their “Sandra D” which consisted of yam fries coated in sugar & spice and everything nice like cinnamon. It was delicious, but I was in a mood for something savoury. My eyes immediately drifted to the “Sophia” fries with truffle oil and Grana Padano parmesan (‘B’ cup – $6). There were many more delectable options as well but I wanted something more traditional, and hence, opted to go with the potato fries.

I asked for a doggy bag as I was driving home, but the sublime earthy aroma of truffle oil couldn’t be contained by a measly paper bag. There was no way I was going to muster up enough will power to wait until I got home, so I just dug in. And it was heaven. The combination of truffle oil with the parmesan Grana Padano was fucking out of this world. I love it when simple ingredients combine together to produce something that is much more than the individual components. The fries were crunchy and crispy yet soft and mushy on the inside like good fries should be. Dip the fries in the house chipotle sauce for a smoky yet tangy, with a little-bit-of-a-kick experience for your mouth. Amazing.

I have to be honest: a food truck serving fries was pretty low down on my priority list for that exact reason – it’s just fries (they also serve hotdogs if you want something more substantial). But now that I have had a taste of what these ladies have to offer, I am more open to tasting some of their other items.

My only complaint is I don’t understand why it takes that long to make the fries. The wait was long enough that I considered leaving thrice (the third time was when I almost at the front)! I personally have no patience to wait in line for 15-20 min. for French fries, but I was probably in the minority judging by the line-up behind me. Considering Blam!wich was knocking out entire sandwiches in 7 min., and had a smaller line-up, I don’t understand why it took F & D a similar amount of time to make French fries…

Anyways, other than the waiting time, I was pretty pleasantly surprised by F & D! It’s definitely a truck to check-out if you have some time to spare and are willing to bear the wait times!



4 responses to “You had me at Fries: A review of Fries & Dolls Food Truck

  1. Tatiana November 4, 2011 at 13:16

    Yeah, I’ve checked out none of the food trucks yet, but as a dedicated fry lover, I’d be all over those truffle parmesan ones. If they weren’t always parked somewhere asinine (i.e. not core, not at lunch), I’d get around to them quicker.

    • kiransomanchi November 4, 2011 at 15:02

      Yeah it is a bit hard to track them. That food truck app is only for iPhones too. I still haven’t managed to check out Los Compadres.

      I think they are trying to figure out what places are the best for foot traffic and timing still. I saw one at the University Research Park yesterday. So random!

  2. Travis November 10, 2011 at 16:02

    Great post! It has persuaded me to seek them out as well. I previously was also of the opinion that “it’s just fries”. You did hit on the biggest of my few culinary pet peeves, though: Grana Padano is not a type of Parmesan. Grana Padano and Parmesan are not the same thing. Just had to point that out!
    Also, Los Compadres makes excellent tacos (although mostly b/c of the meat so I’m not sure what options you’d have).

    • kiransomanchi November 11, 2011 at 19:11

      Yeah, I have been meaning to try out Los Compadres but they are never in a convenient location for lunch time. I guess I assumed they would have a meatless taco, but never looked into it. I hope so, otherwise it would such a waste!

      As for the Grana Padano, I don’t remember clearly now, but I am pretty sure that Granda Padano was listed with the suffix “parmesan” on the menu, so that’s what I went with. At the end of the day, the closest legitimate Italian cheese to Parmigiano-Reggiano is Grana Padano, so maybe that’s why it was advertised as “parmesan”…to help people associate it with something familiar.

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