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[Beer] Review of Innis & Gunn Highland Cask Oak-Aged Beer


I love this beer. I & G releases this limited edition once a year and I try to grab a couple whenever I can. The basic concept is this: take already good beer and make it phenomenal by aging it in rare barrels that were previously used to age 18 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Bam!

I & G produces other similar lines of beer such as “Rum Cask Aged” “Irish Whiskey Cask Aged.” In fact, I & G is so popular in Canada, that they specifically brew a line of beer called the Canada Day Special, which also happens to be my favourite.


Here is my breakdown of the Highland Cask:

DSC00034Appearance: pours clear dark copper / amber colour with a thin, short-lived head.

Taste: delicious honey-like caramel notes at the start with a slightly bitter, hoppy after-taste. Creamy and smooth.

Palate: sweet, honey-like with fruity aromas. Builds a long-lasting malt flavour in your mouth after every sip.

The beer is stronger than most at 7.1% ABV. However, it comes nowhere close to the 10% of the Canada Day Special. A 300 ml bottle of that is enough to hit me hard, especially when I am just chillin’ with friends.

A definite must-try, just like Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. Man, everything alcoholic from Scotland is so good. And…<insert funny comment about Scottish being alcoholic>. Scene. End.



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