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A Cocktail-a-Day #12: Sex for the First Time

Computer is acting up, so this is going to be short post. No photos either for that reason. If you didn’t know already, WP has a great feature where you can email your blog post to a secret WP address instead of logging into their web interface. It’s pretty handy.

The party yesterday was pretty awesome. Good times were had. The Grande Marnier infused mini-melons didn’t turn out all that awesome though. I left the bottle in for over an hour but couldn’t get any alcohol in. I think the mini-melons don’t have enough volume/capacity to absorb more any more liquid. I read on wikihow that you can insert a syringe and withdraw fluid from the meat, but I didn’t have one handy so couldn’t verify that. I think the easiest solution is to just buy a regular-sized melon.

We did get inspired to create an awesome shot though. Pretty simple to make, but frickin’ delicious. Some would call it girly, but heck, if it’s delicious, who gives a shit.


1 oz. SOHO lychee liqueur

1 oz. Crabbie’s ginger beer (Crabbie’s only – all others suck)

Combine both ingredients in a 2 oz. shot glass.

Serve liberally.

SOHO tends to be pretty sweet, so you might want to up the ginger beer concentration. Or vice-versa. It’s all good. Either way, it’s a delicious shot that will keep you coming back for more.

As for the name, in my drunken state, I felt the expression on the party girl’s face was that of having sex for the first time. A little painful, but ultimately really good…haha.


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