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The Bottle House Beer Parlour


It was the first nice sunny day of spring and it was hard to turn down Travis’ offer to check out the year-old Bottle House at the corner of 10th St & Memorial Dr NW in Kensington. It was one of those places that had been on my “to check out” list for a long time, and the idea of having a couple of cold beers while the sun was still up was an appealing idea. So, off we went to the cursed corner of the Kensington NW, where 5 different restaurants have tried to make it in the past 9 years without any success.  IMG_0188.CR2

The interior was a pleasant mix of sports bar and pub, with several large screen TVs to the left above the bar. The very friendly staff gave us our choice of seating and immediately put down a couple of menus in front of us. The bar itself is an elongated hallway with couches, high tables, and regular tables on the right, with plenty of room on the left to walk around. Overall, the place has a casual yet classy kind of feel to it, and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring a girl here for some pre-dinner drinks.

Being “thirsty,” we immediately gravitated towards the beer menu and ordered a nice cold pint of “What the Huck” from the BC Fernie Brewing Company, which was $5.95 during happy hour. The latter was a huckleberry wheat beer with a nice fruity aroma that went down nicely. It would be my be my beverage of choice on a hot summer day or with spicy Indian food. Note though that the Beer Parlour beer menu is largely Canadian, so if you are looking for a more international beverage menu, you don’t have a broad range of choices.

IMG_0189.CR2With the drinks taken care of, we turned our collective attention to the task of ordering some food. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and creativity of the dishes on the menu. Food ranged from pub staples such as Caesar salad, sweet potato fries, and soup to funkier items such as Whiskey Bourbon Pulled Pork. In addition, they had a decent selection of burgers with catchy names like “The Street Fighter Burger” (6 oz. Peruvian street burger) and “Hoser Burger” (Alberta beef + Canadian back bacon). Neither of us were too hungry, so we opted to order nachos instead. That being said, I definitely want to come back to try out some of their mains as well as their brunch offering on the weekends as The Bottle House has all the hallmarks and makings of a “gastro pub.”

The food arrived and we got down to serious business. The most notable item in the whole assemblage had to be the salsa. Being a connoisseur of spicy food, this salsa immediately took me by the balls; my heart and mind had no choice but to follow. It was the most delicious combination of roasted tomatoes, onions, etc. that were simmered together for 24 hrs. to produce a combination of bold taste that wasn’t overwhelmed by the spiciness. This salsa made the dish and I am definitely going to vote for it at Kensington’s Sun & Salsa Festival. My only complaint would have been the relative lack of cheese on the nachos. I like my nachos smothered with cheese so I don’t have to ration it, like I had to on this plate.


The one thing that left an impression on me was the friendliness of the staff. One of the waitresses called over Perry, the owner of the bar, who was kind enough to explain the whole salsa-making process. We also got to talkingIMG_0185.CR2 about how that specific corner was cursed. Many restaurants have tried to make it there over the past 9 years; all of them have failed, which doesn’t make any sense considering the prime location of the spot. The Bottle House itself is going to be a year old pretty soon, and Perry has some big plans for the 1st b’day party….something to do with free booze and live music. Hmmm…


The Bottle House is the new (er) kid on the block, with plenty of punch to pack. The owner’s got all the basics right: large, eclectic beer selection; friendly staff; prime location; and most importantly, good pub food.

Time and public will tell if it will become a Calgary mainstay, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to saunter over to this little gem for some after-work good times. I definitely plan to check it out in the future, especially their brunch offering.


Ambiance 5/6
Service 5/6
Taste 5/6
Plating 4/6
Originality 4/6
Value 4/6
Overall 27/36 = 75%

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